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ITaaS (IT as a Service)

IT advanced monitoring (NOC 2.0)

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Analytical Intelligence, BigData and AI

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Customer Experience Transformation

Advanced business monitoring (NOC 3.0)

Business Process Services

This is Central ITFocus on results and alignment with your business

The continuous search for excellence and results is our strategy

We provide IT services, focused on the business availability , precesses controling and the positive feedback. We aplly our metodology, that includes enviroment analisys, best practices management planning and measure of results

Our strategy  is based on business. This is how we drawn our services and follow up its life cycle, from the begining untill the end, to guarantee its high availability and the intern processes continuity of our custumers

We have specialized teams in applying routines in an organized way, what reduces the mistakes and ensures that each step of the project is effective and results-driven, wich are the trade mark of Central IT


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Central IT: more than 10 years of success