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Advanced IT Monitoring (NOC 2.0)

NOC 2.0 is not just a monitoring solution, it’s the continuity your business needs.


Network Operation Center is a service that supports, monitors and receives alerts related to the occurrence of events related to unavailability in the IT environment, in an agile way and through the use of modern channel integration devices and monitoring of the items contained in the set defined together with the client. With the inclusion of system, software, services and hardware data in the monitoring solution, the Central IT’s team can keep the whole IT area under constant monitoring, which, in addition to generating unavailability alerts, allows the visualization of inconsistencies, identification of occurrences and recurrences, allows the monitoring of the duration and delivery of services and allows preventive work, through the implementation of continuous improvements in the mechanisms that keep all these items in operation.






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Being connected to all sources of information (legacy systems, external indicators, solutions, among others)


  • Accompaniment of SLA from external and internal suppliers
  • Performance indicators (stops, availability)
  • Open tickets automatically to correct groups of solvers
  • Implementation of monitoring robots (automation)
  • SLA aligned with business
  • Correlation of events and business rules
  • Availability, continuity and sustainability