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Advanced Business Monitoring (NOC 3.0)

NOC 3.0 performs preventive monitoring in a continuous and intelligent way. Central IT supports your business 100%

Whether in the operational, financial, and sales area, an organization needs adequate support to be notified when important IT-related events occur, that’s what Network Operations Center does.

Intelligent monitoring prevents errors before they even occur, whith this, organizations are able to keep their enviroment in constant improvement, until it’s totally intuitive and act avoiding all types of outages whether they are linked to IT or to business.

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Keep connected to multiple information sources

Legacy systems, information from external indicators, CRM solutions, ERP, BI, among others.


  • Accompaniment of SLAs from external and internal suppliers

  • Performance indicators (stops, availability)

  • Open tickets automatically for solver groups

  • Implementation of monitoring robots (automation)

  • SLAs aligned with business

  • Correlation of events and business rules

  • Availability, concern and sustainability