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Information Governance and Documentation

A well succeeded business begins through its informations security

Accessibility and security of informations are vital for the business stability. Thinking of it Central IT has created a specialized team that act on the protection of documents and data to reduce legal  and operational risks

Planning strategies is a very important step after analyzing the enviroment, witch takes into account all the Information Governance processes that value data management, focused on their classification, transit and maintenance, without the possibility of any documentary risk occuring.

Based on this method, our team works with our customers to standardize access and data management to ensure compliance and follow-up of processes.


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The implementation of the Information Governance policies also includes the following services:

  • Support to CITSmart Docs
  • Training on CITSmart Docs
  • Support to CITSmart Docs users
  • Planning and operacionalizing document scanning
  • Document management
  • Consulting specialized in information management and documents